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  • Global Sustainability: Karla’s internship in Italy
  • Run off Diagnosis in Vineyards
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Due to the complexity of the concept of sustainability as multidisciplinary and dynamic models it is necessary to envision a global approach aiming to ensure the maintenance of the defined sustainability requirements over time and the continuous improvement, with regards to the sustainability criteria and indicators. Even in very simple contexts the manager should follow a paradigm of actions following a stepwise approach in time and space. Such innovation require behavior challenge for the ...

Global Sustainability: Karla’s internship in Italy

Karla Kemp, now a Masters of Arts Alumni in Global Sustainability (with a dual focus of Environment and Renewable Energy) with the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida, created and pursued a sustainable vineyards research project with VIVA and SOStain as a part of the international internship required for the program.   Vineyards and fruit-bearing groves have presented the most significant runoff/drift/transfer rates of pesticide application of all ...

Run off Diagnosis in Vineyards

Tasca d’Almerita and Planeta are one of the oldest family-owned wineries that can be found in Sicily with vineyards spread all over the island covering a rich diversity of landscapes. The Tasca and Planeta estates have a long-standing tradition in viticulture and their dedication to make their overall wine production more sustainable has been very visible over the last couple of years. Both wineries are one of the first companies that participate in national sustainability programs for Italian ...

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