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Pubblicata da Opera il 07/07/2016

Due to the complexity of the concept of sustainability as multidisciplinary and dynamic models it is necessary to envision a global approach aiming to ensure the maintenance of the defined sustainability requirements over time and the continuous improvement, with regards to the sustainability criteria and indicators. Even in very simple contexts the manager should follow a paradigm of actions following a stepwise approach in time and space. Such innovation require behavior challenge for the operators. This new scenario has another aspect: agriculture itself is demanding effective tools and models for sustaining the ecosystem services provided by the winegrowing and the wineries. “Research and education on-demand” this is the new concept. 
In this and other newsletter in we will try to bridge the education&science with sustainability as new service offered by VIVA and herewith reported in technical pills. Internship and Run-off diagnosis are the focus of this edition.


Prof. Ettore Capri
Direttore Centro di ricerca Opera

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