Verification Bodies

Herewith you can find the updated list of the validators who shall comply to the format set out in the Technical Specification VIVA, and therefore are allowed to assess the conformity of sustainability indicators (AIR, WINEYARDS, WATER, TERRITORY) implementation within the meaning of the Technical Specification.

Wineries which are joining VIVA, can choose among the following validators for the third-party validation and verification.

Business name Website Contact Point
AGROQUALITÀ S.P.A. Enrico De Micheli (
BIOS S.R.L. Massimo Salvà (
CCPB srl Giuseppe Maio (
CERTIQUALITY S.R.L. Sabrina Melandri (
DNV GL Business Assurance Italia S.r.l. Piergiorgio Moretti (
ENTE CSI Spa Monica Mauriello (
KIWA CERMET ITALIA Giuseppe Bitonti (
RINA SERVICES S.P.A. Enrico De Micheli (
SIQURIA S.P.A. Vittorino Crivello (
Valoritalia Srl Sandra Furlan (
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