Scientific papers validating the methodology:

Reflection paper

  • Sustainability, the new frontier for the wine sector. 2019

Scientific publications

  • A novel fuzzy expert system to assess the sustainability of the viticulture at the wine-estate scale. (Lamastra L, Balderacchi M, Di Guardo A, Monchiero M, Trevisan M.) Science of the Total Environment 572 (2016) 724–733

  • From Environmental to Sustainability Programs: A Review of Sustainability Initiatives in the Italian Wine Sector (Chiara Corbo, Lucrezia Lamastra and Ettore Capri) Sustainability 2014, 6, 2133-2159; doi:10.3390/su6042133

  • A new approach to assessing the water footprint of wine: An Italian case study (Lucrezia Lamastra, Nicoleta Alina Suciu, Elisa Novelli, Marco Trevisan) Science of the Total Environment 490 (2014) 748–756


  • Deep in wine "Sostenibilità e cultura" (Fiamma Valentino, Maria Grazia Becherini) 2017

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