The wineries joining VIVA “Sustainable wine” can perform both a “company analysis” and a “product analysis”. Both analyses are based on the use of the four indicators: Air, Water, Vineyard and Territory. The analysis carried out at company level allows evaluating the overall environmental, social and economic impacts related to the company’s activities, enabling winemakers to gain awareness about their actions and to identify possible strategies to reduce impacts.

The product analysis is related to the entire life cycle of a product and allows both winemakers and consumers to understand how the different production phases impact the environmental and social aspects. The analysis can be useful to identify both the current company performance and the improvements over time.

In the case of a “product analysis”:

  • The Ministry for the Environment releases a VIVA “product label”, which can be applied directly onto the product.

In the case of a “company analysis”

  • The Ministry for the Environment releases a VIVA “company label”, which can be used on the company website or on company information materials. This kind of label cannot be applied directly onto single products.

VIVA Wineries List

VIVA Winery Organization analysis Product analysis
Arnaldo Caprai  
Cantina di Vicobarone  
Cantina Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano  
Cantine Riunite & CIV  
Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio  
F.lli Gancia & Co.  
Guido Berlucchi & C.  
La Cedraia  
Marchesi Antinori  
Masi Agricola  
Michele Chiarlo  
Perla del Garda  
Principi di Porcia  
Tasca D'Almerita  
Villa Sandi  
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