The indicators have been developed taking into account main international rules and standards. The application of the indicators is validated every two years by an independent third-party certification body.



The indicator AIR evaluates the greenhouse gas emissions directly and indirectly related to the life cycle of a product (CFP) or to an organization (GHGI).

CONTACT:  Stefania Grillo



This indicator reveals the total volume of fresh consumed and polluted water both referred to company activities or to the production of a wine bottle (0,75 l). It is an explicit indicator of the fresh water consumption in the vineyard and in the cellar related to the wine production.

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This indicator takes into account the agronomic management practices in the vineyards and in particular it evaluates the use of pesticides and their effect on water bodies and soils, soil management practices, fertility and biodiversity issues. The indicator can be applied on the entire vineyard surface of a company or only on the vines used for a specific product.

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In the overall panorama of Italian agriculture, the landscape designed by the cultivation of the vine has a fundamental importance and is already subject to protection.

An example could be the Prosecco area of Trevigiano, in Collio and Colli Orientali of Friuli or, as in the case of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, which are recognized as a World Heritage Sites.

CONTACT:  Daniele D’Ammaro e Stefania Grillo

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