The goals of VIVA "Sustainable Wine" are:

  • To develop a methodology for calculating and assessing the sustainability of the wineries and their products, from field to consumer, including the measuring of the environmental quality in vineyard and wine production;

  • To define technical specifications, based on the developed methodology, for the analysis and the certification of the four indicators (Air, Water, Territory and Vineyard), periodically updated according to European and International legislation in the sector;

  • To improve sustainability performance in vineyards and in wine production, also through the collaboration with the Italian Wine Union (UIV);

  • To train company technicians and consultants on the application of VIVA indicators in order to help the assessment and improvement of their sustainability performance over time;

  • To provide easy-to-use tools for the analysis of Water, Territory and Vineyard related indicators;

  • To collaborate and discuss with sector associations and stakeholders to promote project results, both at national and international level.

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